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Kelly Ripa Says Husband Mark Consuelos ‘Gets Hotter’ With Age

Oh, to be Kelly Ripa. The Live with Kelly and Ryan host is 49 years old and she just keeps getting hotter with age — and so does her husband Mark Consuelos. But aside from their good looks, these two have been married for well over two decades, have raised three children, continue to reach new heights professionally and well, are all around #couplegoals.

In an exclusive interview with SheKnows, Ripa opened up about her marriage and a few secrets on how she stays looking so fit.

Ripa recently posted a throwback photo of herself and hubby Consuelos to Instagram and well, 20 years later the duo is looking better than ever.  Riverdale star Consuelos is indeed like a fine wine: “he does [look hotter with age],” she laughed.

As for Ripa? She said of herself, “I’ve learned the art of shadowing techniques. I’ve learned how to take pictures at a good angle. I’ve learned that I have a good side.” All kidding aside, Ripa said that Persona, a science-based personalized nutrition company that takes the guesswork out of vitamins and supplements, really is what keeps her feeling so great. With Persona, she can customize the necessary vitamins needed based on her unique health needs — and for her, that was a game-changer.

Also a game-changer: happiness. Happiness keeps Ripa and Consuelos looking and feeling great, and after 24 years of marriage, we wanted to know her key to success.

“All of my friends who are divorced, and that’s most of my friends, 99% of them can’t tell you what caused the fight to cause divorce. None of them. Not a single person,” Ripa said. “So I always say if you just take a minute, just like take a beat, you realize that what you’re fighting over is not the end of the world that it seems like it is in the moment. It’s just compromising. It really is the stuff that everybody has always said but you really have to actually apply it. You have to apply compromise, active compromise, and realizing that unless you’re in an abusive relationship, it’s not the end of the world. Nothing is insurmountable unless you’re in an abusive relationship.

“But if you are just fighting over nonsense, it’s just nonsense and it will go away. You’ll have new nonsense to fight over next year. And if you do stick it out and get to a place where we are right now…we have such a shared history with each other and it really matters, it matters,” Ripa said of her marriage.

“Our kids will reference something and I’ll say, ‘you know your dad and I saw him in concert’ and they’ll be like, ‘you saw Prince in concert? Were we alive?’ They can’t imagine we have so much history together,” she continued.

And with so much love in her eyes and with a big grin on her face, she said, “It’s worth it.” Oh, to be Kelly Ripa.

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