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Nicole Kidman Just Shared a Rare Selfie With Her Toy Poodle, & It’ll Give You Puppy Fever

It’s official — with Nicole Kidman’s new photo of her toy poodle, the actress has confirmed her dog-mom status. Welcome to the club! Membership means your clothes will forever be dotted with wiry little hairs and your alarm clock henceforth shall be a cold nose at the crack of dawn. But judging by Kidman’s latest photo of her canine pal, she finds everything about her pup endearing (and we can see why).

The actress-slash-producer took to Instagram on Monday to share a sweet moment with her super-cute pup. In the picture, Kidman is holding the dog in her arms, hugging the relaxed animal close to her body. Her face is mostly obscured but, even so, it’s obvious she’s grinning from ear-to-ear. “Small dog, big heart,” Kidman captioned the selfie, suggesting she’s totally smitten with the petite creature.

Wondering what the little guy’s name is? Well, according to Kidman’s husband Keith Urban, they named the poodle Julian after welcoming him into the family last year. “We got a dog! [Nicole’s] first-ever dog, ever! I’ve had dogs all my life, but never anything this small,” Urban told iHeartRadio in July 2019, revealing the dog’s name before adding, “He’s a big hit!”

As for Kidman, she understandably shared her excitement on Instagram after becoming a dog parent. Posting a photo of a then-smaller Julian “kissing” her forehead, Kidman wrote at the time, “My first puppy… actually my first dog. Been waiting my whole life for this!” Friends and famous fans alike wasted little time gushing over the puppy. “So cute!” commented actress Isla Fisher. “You’re gonna have a friend for life!” said Little Big Town singer Kimberly Schlapman.

Of course, Kidman isn’t a total stranger to pet ownership. She’s revealed on social media in the past that she had three cats in her native Australia while growing up: Priscilla, Chauncy and Gregory. And last year, shortly before getting her first dog, she discussed her two current felines Ginger and Snow, insisting to You magazine, “I really am a cat person.”

But as we can all see from her new selfie with Julian, Kidman is definitely also a dog-mom now.

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