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What Does Carrie Underwood’s 4-Year-Old Son Really Think of Her? She’s 70 & Her Job Is to ‘Wash the Laundry’

When you’re 4 years old, the world is a mysterious place. For example, if you’re the son of hugely famous country star Carrie Underwood, you don’t know that your mom is a big star — you just know that she’s the person who gets you dressed, gives you food, and otherwise makes your life run smoothly. So, when Underwood’s 4-year-old son Isaiah Fisher had to fill in a sheet about his mother at school, the answers were ever-so-slightly off. And Underwood was kind enough to share the whole sheet in all its glory on Instagram.

The sheet is a classic: “All About My Mom” is written at the top, with blanks next to prompts on the page. After correctly identifying his mom’s name as “Carrie,” Isaiah gets into murkier waters. “I think my mom is 70 years old,” Isaiah writes. He says that Underwood eats salad (makes sense), has brown eyes and blonde hair (accurate), and that they like to watch TV together (cute!).

Next up: Naming his mom’s job. “My mom’s job is wash the laundry,” Isaiah writes. “My mom is really good at folding laundry,” he offers later. We’re crying with laughter, and so was Underwood.

“Soooo…apparently I’m 70 and I’m really good at doing the laundry,” she wrote on Instagram, adding a laughing emoji. Her celeb friends ate it up: “Bahahaha,” fellow country star Miranda Lambert commented. “This is amazing,” hair and makeup artists Melissa Schleicher added.

While the laundry comments are hilarious (and just a teeny, tiny bit depressing), his other comments were pretty sweet. “If I could buy my mom any gift I would buy her a cake,” he fills in. “If my mom had time, she would like to ride horses.”

Underwood does in fact enjoy riding horses, so hey — he knows his momma. Isaiah can wait a few more years to find out what his mom actually does for a job. And honestly, it’s sweet that he hasn’t been raised to think of his mom as an über-famous star.

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