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No, Peter Weber Is Not Engaged to a Bachelor Producer

The Bachelor rumor mill has been running wild with the idea that Peter Weber ends up with producer Julie LaPlaca — but unfortunately for all you conspiracy theorists, it looks like that rumor is just a rumor. SheKnows has obtained some exclusive intel from a Bachelor insider, who confirmed that Peter and Julie are strictly friends.

A Reddit theory suggesting Peter and Julie end up together arose after a series of Instagram photos of the two together: notably, one showed Julie spending time with Peter’s family on New Year’s Eve. But this source says that type of interaction is typical for Bachelor star and their producer.

“The producers are very close with the cast and do a lot together,” the insider said. “It’s like they’re family.”

Still holding out hope that their bond might be something more? We hate to burst your bubble, but this source (who is very close to the cast) shut the rumor down in very clear terms: “No, Peter does not end up with a producer,” the source told SheKnows. “Julie and Peter are just really good friends.”

Oh well! Looks like we’ll have to go back to scouring Reddit (and Reality Steve) for more updates on what Peter’s shocking reveal might be — and who exactly his mother is bawling her eyes out about in the promos. All we have left is hometowns, fantasy suites, and what I’m sure will be at least a six-hour long finale. This theory was good, but the truth might be even better.

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