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Peter Weber Says His Frontrunner ‘Did Not Change’ After Week 4 — So Kelsey Wins, Right?

As everyone who’s been watching Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor can attest, it’s been hard to tell where our lead’s head is at — and the previews showing a last-minute meltdown aren’t making things any clearer. As the finale swiftly approaches (just a few weeks, y’all!), Peter is starting to open up about his season’s reportedly explosive ending, and dropping some serious hints about how he was feeling during the process. He just revealed that he’s known who his frontrunner is since Week 4, and we have a theory about exactly what that means.

Peter talked to Entertainment Tonight about the (painful) process of watching this season play out. “I know right now it’s like a lot of stuff going on, but I totally would [do it again], and I can say I’m happy,” he said. “I promise you my frontrunner did not stop changing until about week four — and whether or how that’s shown, the show does a really good job of entertaining. But I promise you my frontrunner did not change, and I’ll leave it at that.”

Okay! Lots to work with here. Peter says his frontrunner was changing until Week 4, so let’s assume Week 1 was Hannah Ann (first impression rose), Week 2 was Madison (first date and met his parents), and Week 3 was Victoria F. (the Chase Rice incident, which drama-loving Peter was definitely intrigued by). Then, we have Week 4: his first one-on-one with Kelsey, after which she starts getting constant preferential treatment. Another woman accuses her of having a pill problem? Bam! That woman gets sent home. Kelsey sneaks into his room, totally against Bachelor rose? No problem! She gets a rose outside of a rose ceremony or date, which is totally unheard of.

So, if Peter really made his mind up at Week 4, I’d say Kelsey is looking like the frontrunner. Peter also touches on that dramatic Chris Harrison announcement in previews, which appears to leave our Bachelor lead reeling right as he’s about to propose.

“That was a really tough moment for me. That was brutal and that was the last thing I needed to hear in that moment. Absolute last,” Peter admitted. “I’d been through so much up to that point and just praying, ‘Let’s just have a smooth ending here,’ and it was tough.” So…is it information about one of the women he sent home? Did someone tell him about Victoria F.’s White Lives Matter campaign? What was it?!

“I’m not saying it’s gonna be similar to any of the previous seasons,” Peter added. “But definitely very unique.” As for that clip of his mom sobbing and saying “bring her home”?

“I am very, very close with my family and I value their opinion,” he confirmed. So whoever his mother is crying about, we’re guessing that’s who Peter’s bringing home — and it’ll be interesting to see if that aligns with our suspected frontrunner.

Ultimately, the negative reaction to this season has not been enough for Peter to regret how he’s handled things: “I can say I followed my heart the entire time,” the pilot said. “This was the hardest experience of my entire life. I’m still so grateful for it and I really would do it again. I promise you I would.”

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