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‘Friends’ Stars Welcome Matthew Perry to Instagram With Iconic Throwback Photos

Could we be anymore excited? Matthew Perry joined Instagram on Friday, making him the final Friends star to create a profile on the popular social media platform — and the actor’s highly anticipated arrival did not happen quietly. Aside from gaining over 4 million followers in less than 24 hours, he also received a warm welcomes from some of his former co-stars.

Lisa Kudrow took to Instagram to share a throwback photo with the 50-year-old actor along with a caption which cleverly included a Friends reference. “Finally!!! Yay!! Can’t believe my eyes MY EYES. Welcome to Instagram @mattyperry4 #friendsforlife.”

Jennifer Aniston also shared a post in Perry’s honor, which hilariously poked fun at his Friends character’s unknown profession. “I’m shocked Matty is the last to join Instagram, considering he was a uh… umm….oh crap 🤦🏼‍♀️ Oh! A computer processing TRANSPONSTER.”

Along with a photo of the pair, she also included a throwback clip from Friends which highlights the fact that none of the other characters knew what his character, Chandler Bing, did for a living. (To set the record straight, Chandler worked in statistical analysis and data reconfiguration…whatever that means.)

Matthew’s arrival to the social media platform happened on the heels of some very big news for Friends fans, so the timing is certainly ironic. Just yesterday it was reported that the entire cast of Friends has signed on for an unscripted reunion special where they will be paid at least $2 million each. If this actually happens (it doesn’t sound like the deal is set in stone just yet), the episode will air on HBO Max, where the entire Friends series will be streaming later this year now that it’s officially left Netflix.

The actor himself hinted at the possibility of a reunion special when he took to Twitter and teased “big news” that was on the horizon.

Fans were quick to respond to the actor’s tweet and make guesses as to what the news could be. “Oh my my! Please tell me it’s the much much much awaited REUNION!” one fan wrote, while another added, “I HOPE AND PRAY ITS A NEW PROJECT OMG.”

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