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Does Paul Rudd Have a Twin? These Photos of Lookalike Son Jack Have Us Seeing Double

When we’re dissecting photos of Paul Rudd, it’s usually to complain about how damn ageless he is — and in a way, these photos prove the same thing. Rudd was a hot topic of conversation after last night’s Super Bowl, first for how adorably excited he got when the Chiefs won, and now because the photos of him with 14-year-old son Jack have emerged, and these two could honestly be twins.

Rudd shares two kids with wife Julie Yaeger: 14-year-old Jack, and 10-year-old daughter Darby. Last night, Jack joined his father at the Super Bowl, where the duo posed for photos together in Kansas City Chiefs jerseys. While Rudd was also posing with celeb friends like Jeremy Renner and Miles Teller, all eyes were on Rudd’s teenage son — I mean, come on. They even smile the same!

Don’t believe us? Here’s a photo of Rudd and his son posing before the game — and a video of the two of them hugging Chiefs players after.

And here he is posing with the aforementioned celeb friends.

Here they are together at an event the night before.

Okay, we’ll say it: Both the Rudd men do not have an appropriate relationship to aging. 50-year-old Rudd doesn’t look a day over 35, and 14-year-old Jack could easily be 18 (even the above tweet places im at 16 years old, not 14). We do have some scientific questions about this process, though: For example, will Jack continue to visibly age until he hits current Paul Rudd, and then stop? Will both men look like 35-year old Paul Rudd until they’re 80? Or can there only be one middle-aged ageless Rudd at once, or the universe explodes?

The mysteries of the Rudd genes remain as impenetrable as ever — but for now, let’s just say Jack is following closely in his dad’s footsteps.


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