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Fran Drescher Gets Candid About Her Steamy Sex Life at 62 & We’re Taking Notes

Keeping it hot! Fran Drescher may be a single woman, but that doesn’t mean her sexual needs aren’t being met. In fact, the 62-year-old’s sex life is hotter than ever these days, thanks to a friends with benefits situation she’s got going on. The former Nanny star proudly opened up about her casual dating life that she refers to as “delightful and delicious.”

“You know I’m kind of dating myself and it’s going quite well. I’m not dating,” she told Page Six earlier this week. “I have my gay ex-husband who I love and he fulfills a lot of needs. I have someone on the side who is a friend with benefits.”

The actress went on to explain that due to her busy schedule, she can only see her mystery man roughly twice a month, which is “more than enough” since they make sure their time is valuable. “[We’re] very comfortable with each other and we have our routine. It’s always the same experience,” she revealed. “We really don’t go out, we don’t go to restaurants, we don’t date. What we do, we do great.”

As for what a typical night looks like with her casual partner? It’s filled with plenty of good conversation and of course, lots of intimacy. “He comes over, we hang out and we do the hot tub and I make us some food and we lay in bed and maybe we’ll watch tennis together, whatever it is or a movie. We talk, we have good conversations,” the star revealed. “Of course we have sex and it’s delightful and it keeps me going.”

While the identity of Drescher’s sex partner remains a mystery, he sounds like a lucky guy. After all, we have to give the brunette beauty credit for being a strong, powerful woman and going after what she wants. She’s been married twice before and both times didn’t work out — so if this is her way of fulfilling her needs, more power to her!

The star was previously married to Peter Marc Jacobson for more than two decades, but the couple parted ways romantically after he came out as gay. She later remarried Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, but that was short-lived.

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