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Charlize Theron Says Becoming a Mom When She Did Made All the Difference

Some things are worth the wait in greater ways than we can ever imagine. That was certainly the case when it came to the timing of motherhood for Charlize Theron, as she shared in a new podcast interview. And while the actress and now-parent-of-two acknowledged that no one is really ever fully prepared for kids, she also revealed that her kids Jackson, 8, and August, 4, coming into her life when they did has “empowered” her as a mom.

Theron opened up about during Wednesday’s episode of W Magazine’s Five Things with Lynn Hirschberg podcast. Speaking to the publication’s editor-at-large (and podcast host), the Bombshell star pointed out that becoming a parent on her own terms made the journey that much more impactful for her. “The one thing that I realized when I chose to become a mother — and then I got to experience it — was the power, and how empowering it was that I had the choice in when that was happening in my life.”

For Theron, arriving at that point by her own design intensified every aspect in a way that’s almost impossible for her to sum up. “It means that when it then happens, it is everything multiplied by infinity,” she gushed of waiting, adding, “That moment in my life, both of those times, all I wanted to do was be a mom.”

Theron was quick to note that she isn’t diminishing anyone else’s choices when it comes to starting a family. She just feels as though her kids entering her life when they did made her better equipped to handle some of the harder parts of the process — adopting Jackson, she revealed, turned out to be what she considers “the lowest point” in her life. “The first adoption was really rough, the process. Because Jax was I think the eighth baby that came around. So, a lot of them fell through, a lot of them were high-risk pregnancies. You get emotionally attached and then it doesn’t turn out the way you’re hoping, and you get crushed. You really get crushed,” Theron shared.

And although that adoption process took two-and-a-half agonizing years, Theron says it was all worth it. The sleepless nights? “I enjoyed every second of it,” Theron insisted. And not once — “never” — did she question her decision to wait to have kids or to do it on her own. Rather, she told Hirschberg, she considers Jackson and August coming into her life to be the purest moments of happiness she’s ever had.

“There’s just nothing that compares to it,” she said. “It’s just unfortunate for everything else that’s going to happen in my life from now on, because it will always fall second to those two days.”

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