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Ozzy Osbourne’s Kids Kelly & Jack Open Up About Their Father’s Parkinson’s Diagnosis

The Osbourne family has been in the spotlight for decades — but even so, some moments need to be grappled with privately before sharing them with the public. Ozzy Osbourne revealed his Parkinson’s diagnosis in an emotional family interview on Good Morning America on Tuesday, speaking out for the first time about the journey he’s been on for the past year. The whole family spoke out about how they’ve adjusted to the news, and how they’re doing their best to support their father now.

The Osbourne family — Ozzy, Sharon, and kids Kelly and Jack — sat down with Robin Roberts on GMA and opened up about what this year has been like. “It’s been terribly challenging for us all,” Ozzy began, “I did my last show New Year’s Eve at The Forum. Then I had a bad fall. I had to have surgery on my neck, which screwed all my nerves…I’d never heard of nerve pain, and it’s a weird feeling.”

In February, Ozzy got his Parkinson’s diagnosis, and he’s been treating the neurodegenerative disorder with medication ever since, in addition to medicine for his nerve pain. “It’s not a death sentence by any stretch of the imagination,” wife Sharon added, noting that his specific form of Parkinson’s is PRKN 2. “But it does affect certain nerves in your body. And it’s — it’s like you have a good day, a good day, and then a really bad day.”

Sharon said they’re planning a trip to Switzerland down the road for Ozzy’s treatment: “We’ve kind of reached a point here in this country where we can’t go any further because we’ve got all the answers we can get here. So in April, we’re going to a professional in Switzerland…he deals with getting your immune system at its peak.”

While Ozzy deals with the effects of the disorder setting in, the rest of the family is focused on trying to provide comfort and normalcy wherever they can. “It’s kind of become a bit of — I think a role reversal for us, where we have to be like, ‘Snap out of it. Come on. We have to all admit what’s happening here, so that we can get over this,'” Kelly shares. “And it took a while for everyone to be on the same page.”

“I understand when you have something you don’t want to have,” Jack added, who himself was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2012. “If we wants to talk, and if not — I try to slip in information.”

Ozzy can feel how his family is working to support him. And while he loves and appreciates them for it, the adjustment is still hard. “Coming from a working-class background, I hate to let people down. I hate to not do my job,” he told Roberts. “And so when I see my wife going to work, my kids going to work, everybody’s doing — trying to be helpful to me, that gets me down because I can’t contribute to my family, you know.”

The Osbournes understand they’re facing a difficult battle, but they’re hopeful about what they can accomplish together. “We’ve all learned so much about each other again, and it’s reaffirmed how strong we are,” Kelly said of the past year. “He’s gonna get back out there and he’s gonna do what he loves to do,” Sharon confirmed. “I know it.”

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