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Amy Schumer Just Shared a New Photo With Baby Gene, & the Caption Is Hilarious

Sometimes being a parent can feel like being held hostage to the whims of your kid, right? Well, in a funny new photo shared by Amy Schumer, she’s quite literally being held hostage by her 8 ½-month-old son Gene Attell. Okay, sort of. Comedian that she is, Schumer saw a chaotic parenting moment for what it was — a potentially hilarious photo opp. And happily, she shared it all with us so we could laugh along.

On Monday, Schumer took to Instagram to post the new snapshot of herself with baby Gene, whom she shares with husband Chris Fischer. In the comically awry picture, the toddler has grabbed Schumer by the tongue with one hand and is holding what appears to be a pencil to the side of her neck with his other hand. Schumer’s caption for the pic? “Put the milk on the counter and nobody gets hurt.” Ah, it’s a stick-up! Although let’s be real, we’re pretty sure that baby Gene doesn’t have to make demands to get anything. He might just have his famous mama wrapped around his little finger.

Still, it’s a cute, silly and highly relatable moment. As one fan wrote in Schumer’s comment feed, “This is motherhood summed up in a picture. We welcome you.”

Schumer is never one to shy away from the realities of parenting and all that it entails. That was true for her pregnancy, it was true for the first few months postpartum and it’s still true now that Gene is a toddler — and Schumer is undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) in the hopes of one day expanding her family.

Over the weekend, she brought her trademark candor to Oprah Winfrey’s 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus Tour. Seated next to the TV icon, Schumer shared a decidedly undesirable effect of IVF. “I had my egg retrieval on Monday, which is also the last time I pooped,” she told Oprah and, by proxy, the crowd of 15,000 people. “I said I wasn’t gonna say it, but I did. Yeah, can’t poop after.”

She went on to explain that she hadn’t yet had any luck solving the problem on her own. “I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried prunes. I didn’t have Smooth Move tea, but I’m going to. But I was scared if I had it that it would hit right while I was here,” she said, deadpanning, “And that’s not part of anyone’s vision for 2020.”

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