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Did Michelle Obama Just Share How She’s Celebrating Her Birthday?

It’s Michelle Obama’s 56th birthday today, and while husband Barack already shared the sweetest photo this morning we’re now seeing from the birthday queen herself. The former First Lady posted to Instagram sharing a photo of herself with five friends, reflecting on how her life has changed in recent years and what she’s looking forward to. With Sasha and Malia recently leaving home for college (and, of course, the whole family leaving the White House), Michelle’s weathered some massive changes in recent years. And as always, she’s handling it all with enviable grace.

Michelle’s Instagram from this afternoon shows the Becoming author with five other women dressed in activewear on what appears to be a gorgeous hike — rolling green hills and a perfect rainbow are featured in the background because of course Michelle Obama’s birthday has magical rainbow-summoning powers.

“Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes!” Michelle wrote under the photo. “With the girls off at college, this birthday brings with it a new perspective — a fresh breath — along my journey. I’m looking forward to devoting some quality time to my friends and to myself — and of course, to that husband of mine, too. I’m looking to make this year the best one yet—can’t wait to keep you all posted along the way.”

In December, Michelle talked to People about the adjustment to having both daughters out of the house, having dropped Sasha off at college in the fall. “It’s an adjustment to see each other for a weekend here, a holiday break there,” Michelle acknowledged, “but the moments we do spend together feel extra special because of it.” It looks like Michelle is filling her days by staying active and spending time with friends — friends who, for the record, she has woefully failed to tag in this Instagram post.
So, while we can’t Insta-stalk Michelle’s friends and scheme on how to join their friend group (too much?), we can be very happy that Michelle has such a clear, positive view of the future — not that we expected anything less.

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