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BFF’s Oprah & Gayle Answer Relationship Questions & Their Advice Will Get You Thinking

Even if you aren’t expecting a box of chocolates on Feb. 14, you won’t be heading into the heart-shaped holiday empty-handed. Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King answered fans’ questions about love and relationships in honor of Valentine’s Day — and there’s a little something for everyone in the romantic wisdom the BFFs bestowed. From how to deal with a friends-with-benefits situation on special occasions to how soon is too soon to say, “I love you,” Oprah and Gayle have thoughts you’ll want to hear.

ICYMI, the longtime friends frequently dispense advice to fans via’s The OG Chronicles. So, today, for a special Valentine’s Day-themed edition, Oprah and Gayle read fans’ questions and conundrums off of custom Hallmark cards. Both fittingly dressed in red and seated in front of an ombre pink background, Oprah and Gayle wasted no time getting real about affairs of the heart. First up? Their take on whether or not friends with benefits who’ve been, uh, benefitting for around five months should celebrate Valentine’s Day.

“If both of you know that this is just a friends-with-benefits situation, I say you don’t have to do anything,” said Gayle tactfully. Oprah came in with the tough love, saying, “When you do more, she’s going to then expect more. Believe me — that’s the way it works. Then it’s going to be, ‘How come you didn’t remember my birthday?'”

The best friends went on to offer sage advice on a range of other romantic scenarios. When addressing when you should tell someone you love them for the first time, Oprah couldn’t help getting carried away.

“You know how you know when you’re really in love? When you just want to say their name as many times as you can. You just want to get their name in a sentence!” she gushed (hello, how cute do you think she and Stedman Graham were in their early dating years?). Still, she tempered her response with a little logic. “Don’t say it, though, unless you believe he’s feeling it, too,” she cautioned. “Because it can be a real deal-breaker.” Or, as Gayle put it, “Awk-ward!”

Need fresh, flirty first date ideas? Oprah and Gayle have a few ideas (no to dinner, yes to long walks). Want tips for not being disappointed if your partner doesn’t plan a big Valentine’s Day surprise? Yep, they cover that as well. But, according to Oprah, the crux of all of their responses is, well, heart. “Remember, when it comes to showing somebody your love and your gratitude, it really is what you feel about them, what you think about them, and how you choose to let them know that,” said Oprah.

And that’s true whether any day of the year.

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