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Are Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Crazy to Walk Away From the Royal Family’s $88 Billion Fortune?

What exactly does it mean for a member of the royal family to become “financially independent”? This question has been plaguing us ever since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry released their official statement stepping away from the royal family. They declared their intention to become financially independent in this next phase of their lives, but how will that work? Can they really transition seamlessly into working day jobs? And just how much money are they walking away from? We learned that Meghan and Harry will be giving up a reported $88 billion royal family fortune, and we have new details on what their finances will look like now.

A source told Us Weekly that Meghan and Harry currently get a $6.5 million royal stipend from Harry’s father, Prince Charles. The duo has already announced they will give up the 5% funding they receive from the Sovereign Grant, and we would have assumed that financial independence means giving up this royal stipend too — but apparently, that decision is up to Charles. “It’s a question of whether Charles will decide to keep paying them or not,” a second source told the magazine.

So, Meghan and Harry may not even really need to earn their own money — but the source told Us Weekly they still plan to. Apparently, Meghan’s entertainment aspirations go beyond her recent voiceover deal with Disney. “She wants to do documentaries focusing on her charities,” the insider reported, adding that there are rumors of a talk show. (For the record, we would totally watch that.)

Ultimately, Meghan and Harry will do whatever it takes to earn their freedom: “Meghan’s determined to break free from royal life and Harry’s standing by her all the way,” the source confirmed. “They’re both ready for a new start.” With publishers and production companies already clamoring to work with these exiting royals, we’re not too worried about Meghan and Harry’s financial prospects. But for Harry in particular, transitioning to working life will be a real change — and one we’re excited to see play out.

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