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Sophia Bush Joins This Is Us Season 4 in a Recurring Role — Is She Kevin’s New Love Interest?

Make room in your heart for another new face on This Is Us! The NBC drama has cast Sophia Bush in a recurring role for season four — although creator Dan Fogelman is remaining mum about what that role may be. But speaking of hearts, Kevin Pearson (Justin Hartley) may have to carve out space in his as well since Bush’s role will revolve around him. Could this mysterious new character be Kevin’s love interest? The mother of his child? Here’s what we know.

Speaking to reporters at the winter Television Critics Association press tour, Fogelman confirmed Bush’s casting. And while he didn’t specify who she’ll play, Deadline notes that Fogelman revealed her storyline will center almost entirely around Kevin’s. As for Kevin’s storyline when This Is Us returns, Fogelman explained, “The story of who is the mother of Kevin’s child and all that journey will be a story in the back half of the season, and there will be an answer by the end of the season.”

So, on the one hand, it’s tempting to tie the two together. Bush will be connected to Kevin this season, and this season will focus on the identity of the mother of Kevin’s child. Heretofore, the mother of Kevin’s child must be Bush, right? On the other hand, that seems too easy — we all know This Is Us loves a good mind-bend.

Also exciting? Bush won’t be the only new body hanging around the Pearson fam. Fogelman also confirmed that Pamela Adlon is joining season four (if you aren’t watching Better Things, which she created and stars in, go forth and do so immediately).

“We have a cool guest star coming, Pamela Adlon, who will be involved in Randall’s very intense storyline. She has an unbelievable arc in the back of the season, she plays a limited but very important part in that story,” Fogelman teased, adding that he’s a big fan of Adlon’s in general. “I reached out on a whim, asking would she ever have time. I happened to catch her in off-season [on Better Things], and she is going to do this cool part with Sterling [K. Brown].”

Brown, who plays Randall, also teased some seriously dramatic moments as season four continues. According to the actor, the back half will “delve into Randall’s mental health and how he takes care of himself, what’s right and what’s wrong about how he takes care of himself.”

And if that and Bush’s connection to Kevin aren’t enough to get you pumped about what’s to come, consider this: Brown says there will be Randall-centric episode that might actually elicit a visceral reaction while watching it. “This this moment happens where you’re like, ‘Oh shit, this is about to go sideways.”

This Is Us returns to NBC Tuesday, Jan. 14 at 9 p.m. ET.

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