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Jennifer Garner Admits She’s ‘Crushed By Sentimentality’ Over Daughter Seraphina Turning 11

Jennifer Garner’s daughter Seraphina just turned 11, and the mom-of-three is admittedly having a little trouble adjusting to the idea that her middle child — and youngest girl — is growing up. Garner took to Instagram to relay her super-relatable emotions about Seraphina’s 11th birthday, and what she found was tons of support from friends and fans who’ve been in the actress’s shoes. And, oh, Taylor Swift is apparently serving as the soundtrack for Garner’s mama-feels.

In addition to Seraphina, Garner and ex-husband Ben Affleck share older daughter Violet, 14, and son Samuel, seven. But right now, it’s the couple’s middle child that has Garner in the midst of an emotional maelstrom. On Monday, being the ever-endearing-Instagrammer she is, she posted a precious viral video of two otters snuggling as Swift’s “Never Grow Up” streams in the background. Spoiler alert? It was a lot for Garner’s tender heart.

“I’m crushed by sentimentality today — a new year, a birthday for my middle daughter. And now these otters?! Not to mention @taylorswift? I’m just going to go back to bed, it’s too much for this old mama,” Garner gushed. Famous friend Kimberly Williams Paisley agreed with Garner’s reaction by commenting with a string of crying emojis. Similarly, an understanding fan responded, “My son’s about to be 12 and going into 7th grade… tell me about it. Every single one of his birthdays I’m a mess!”

Even in Garner’s sentimental state, though, she managed to offer a little maternal comfort to some of the fans commiserating with her. “I’ve been an emotional mess lately,” one such fan wrote, revealing that she’s nervous about how having surprise twin boys will impact her four-year-old daughter.

Having been through the close-in-age sibling situation herself, Garner shared, “Your little lady may have her moments (who doesn’t with a new sibling), but she will rise and they will lift her. You are enough for all of them, believe it or not. Cry all you need to cry, but have faith. It’s going to be great.”

Welp, now we’re crying. Someone cue up the Taylor Swift!

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