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Courteney Cox & Daughter Coco Arquette Share a Dance Video That’s Giving Fans Major Friends Vibes

Friends‘ “The One With the Routine” just got a mini-sequel! Well, sort of. Courteney Cox and daughter Coco Arquette shared a dance that has fans feeling all kinds of vibes from the circa-’90s sitcom. True, the mother-daughter duo performed a new routine. But Friends‘ devotees can’t help drawing a comparison to a season six episode of everyone’s favorite nostalgic sitcom. Really, at this point we all owe Cox a debt of gratitude for keeping fans’ love of Friends alive — the woman is nearly single-handedly supplying us with feel-good flashback moments to fill the Central Perk-sized hole in our hearts.

On Monday night, Cox and Arquette delighted when they dropped a new video on TikTok showing off their dance moves. Captioned “Family workout,” the video shows the mother and daughter doing choreographed moves to the user-generated song “Skinny Lil B Word” (which, fair warning, blasts in the background and contains some colorful language). After they nail the viral moves, they fall out of the frame.

Not surprisingly, it didn’t take long for fans to start weighing in. One called it “iconic.” Another joked, “Goodnight to this video of courteney cox and coco and this video ONLY!!!!!!” And another straight-up suggested that the mother-daughter duo missed an opportunity, saying, “They should do the routine dance.”

You remember the original moment in fans’ minds, right? It was the Christmas episode in Friends‘ sixth season, during which Joey’s dancer roommate Janine (played by Elle Macpherson) scores a gig as a “party person” on the taping of Dick Clark’s New Years’ Rockin’ Eve special. She then invites Joey, Monica and Ross to be “party people,” too.

And, well, you know how competitive Monica was. Pair that with the fact she and Ross were lifelong fans of the special, and you’ve got a recipe for comedic disaster. In a bid to get attention (and more camera time), the siblings break out their middle school dance routine. Naturally, it proved to be both embarrassing and charming in equal measure.

Now that Cox and Arquette realize their synchronized moves bring back memories of Monica and Ross in their classic dance moment, perhaps they’ll gift TikTok with “the one with the routine” 2.0 in the near future. A fan can dream!

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