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Peter Weber’s Bachelor Premiere: Here Are the Most Talked-About Moments (Including Hannah Brown’s Cameo)

Another season of The Bachelor is finally underway, and in true Bachelor Nation fashion, Peter Weber’s big premiere was full of dramatic moments. Now in the hot seat, the former Bachelorette suitor quickly discovered that things get tricky a lot quicker when you’re the one calling the shots — and, you know, when the woman who broke your heart boomerangs back to try to give you hers.

Considering the premiere was an epic three hours long, there’s obviously too much to fully cover in the confined parameters of this piece. However, we can talk about some of the things that, well, everyone’s talking about. Because like any self-respecting Bachelor premiere, this one really packed in the histrionics, questionable behavior, make-out sessions and more. And among those, a handful of moments really seemed to jump out from the rest.

So, let’s explore, shall we? We’ll pick up after “Pilot Pete” emerges from the airplane lookin’ like Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Basically, the moment when 30 hopeful women start arriving at the Bachelor Mansion to vie for Weber’s heart (and, uh, other stuff).

Here’s a look at the top moments that fans understandably can’t seem to stop discussing from last night’s premiere.

The Early Onset Flight Motif


Is there really any surprise? When there’s a pilot handing out roses, a certain amount of airplane puns were to be expected. But, wow, did they really run with this theme! Madison started things off with an oversized paper airplane (she wants to “land” Weber’s heart). Several other contestants’ intros were nods to aviation and three are even flight attendants.

The Return of Hannah Brown



We can’t go any further without addressing this first, because it is the talk of Weber’s Bachelor premiere. When the last limo in the parade of limos rolls up to an anxiously awaiting Weber, none other than his old flame (and windmill partner) Hannah Brown. The women inside are not happy at first, but then it seems as though Hannah is simply there to return the wings Weber gave to her so he can “go find his co-pilot.”

As becomes evident later in the premiere, though, Brown still has feelings for Weber… and it seems like he might still have feelings for her, too.

The Other Hannah






Hello, frontrunner-slash-possible-season-villain! Early in the episode, Hannah Ann Sluss caught Weber’s attention — and proved she was pretty aggressive in her effort to get that attention, stealing him away three times. The professional model goes on to earn Weber’s first kiss and the first impression rose, along with a slew of enemies in the house and on Twitter. Weber seems oblivious to any tension at this point, though, telling her, “I think there’s room for two Hannahs in my life.”

Poor Victoria P’s Weak Stomach

The episode’s first group date sees Hannah Ann, Kelley, Deandra, Tammy, Courtney, Shiann, Victoria P., Jasmine and Victoria F. go through a rather rigorous “flight school.” This includes take a spin in the gyroscope, which does not end well for Victoria P. — she ends up puking in the bathroom afterwards (she once puked on the teacups at Disney, FWIW).

The Demi Burnett Lookalike


Um, is Bachelor Nation recycling contestants again? Fans couldn’t get over how much one of the new hopefuls resembles Bachelor in Paradise alum Demi Burnett.

Peter’s Parents’ Vow Renewal



Madison scores the first one-on-one of the season and — surprise! — she accompanies Weber to his parents’ vow renewal. A little much for a first date? Yeah, Twitter thought so, too. But everyone seems to agree that Weber’s parents are too precious for this world.

The Emotional Support Cow





We can probably all agree that Ashley P, the emotional support cow that escorted Jenna Serrano into the mansion, was the real winner of Weber’s premiere.

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