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Jennifer Lopez Talks Preparing for ‘Hustlers’ at Golden Globes: ‘Pole Dancing Is Not a Joke!’

Committed to the craft! There’s a reason why Jennifer Lopez was able to give such a memorable performance in the movie Hustlers. The mother-of-two, who’s nominated tonight for a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in the film, had months upon months of practice.

“I went to a strip club. Pole dancing is not a joke,” she revealed during an interview at the Golden Globes with HFPA. “We took a crash course. We did our best to make it as authentic as possible.”

And her hard work clearly paid off. Even fiancé Alex Rodriguez couldn’t help but beam with pride when talking about his soon-to-be wife at the award show. “The one great benefit is having a pole in our master bedroom for six months,” he said with a laugh. “She practiced really, really hard.”

The movie, which also stars Cardi B, Lili Reinhart, and Constance Wu, centers around a group of strippers trying to make ends meet, so the 50-year-old had to learn how to pole dance like a professional. Though pole dancing and stripping was new territory for Jennifer, she revealed that she had friends who earned money through the profession.

“When you’re a dancer in NYC it comes up,” she said. “Other girls in dance class did it, that’s how people made their money but I chose not to but I didn’t judge anyone who chose that.”

And now, despite the blood, sweat, and tears that went into making the film, Jennifer couldn’t be happier with the finished product. In fact, she took away a valuable life lesson from her character Ramona that she plans to pass on to her daughter, Emme.

“Ramona was independent,” she previously told The New York Times. “It wasn’t about men. It wasn’t about: ‘I need these guys to like me. I need them to be attracted to me. My goal is to get all of your money.’ And her having a daughter, being a mama bear — those things made it fun to play, because I could be a maternal Mother Earth, caring and loving, and then be like, I’ll stab you.”

Preach, girl!

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