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Kate Beckinsale Hilariously Reveals the Christmas Gift She Gave Daughter Lily Mo

If Kate Beckinsale’s Christmas gift for daughter Lily Mo teaches us anything, it’s that timing is everything. But also, it must be a riot to have Beckinsale for a mother. In an Instagram post, the Widow actress revealed the custom-made present she planned to give to her 20-year-old — and how a shipping miscalculation effectively made the present seem wildly inappropriate. Or, as Beckinsale put it, “f***ing psycho.”

The gift? An oversized pillow featuring the face of David Schechter, Lily’s boyfriend. Creative, yes. Ill-timed? Apparently also yes. Explained Beckinsale in a since-deleted post, “So.. getting a pillow made in the shape of your daughter’s boyfriend’s head for when she misses him when she comes home is CUTE. It arriving the day after she leaves makes you a f***ing PSYCHO who is watching Showtime with a taxidermy of your daughter’s boyfriend’s head.” Hilariously, Beckinsale deadpanned, “Look for me on true crime shows shortly.”

Beckinsale also shared photos of her FaceTime with Lily and Schechter, showing her and Lily laughing as Beckinsale snuggles up next to the plush version of Schechter’s face (although Beckinsale got rid of the evidence like the future true-crime-show subject she is).

This isn’t the first time Beckinsale has made headlines for giving someone in her family an off-color gift. Back in September, she shared a video of her cat Willow playing with a new toy. “What you go, Willow?” Beckinsale asks in the clip. “What you got there? Can I see?” The actress tries unsuccessfully at first to grab the toy. When she eventually succeeds, it becomes readily apparent the plaything is NSFW. “Go on, let me see. Oh, it’s a sperm,” Beckinsale says, holding the toy semen in front of the camera.

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again — if you aren’t following Beckinsale on social media yet, you should remedy the situation ASAP.

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