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Mandy Moore Cuts Trip to Ecuador Short After Coming Down With Food Poisoning

Get well soon, Mandy Moore! The This Is Us actress along with her husband Taylor Goldsmith are currently recovering from a “major bout of food poisoning”  that came on during a highly anticipated trip to Ecuador. The couple’s illness was so unbearable, that they were forced to make the “tough call” of cutting the trip short.

“We’d planned this extraordinary trip to hike Cotapaxi in Ecuador with my favorite friend and guide @melissaarnot when T and I both got knocked out simultaneously with a major bout of food poisoning (on Day 2) and couldn’t continue on the trip,” she shared on Instagram. “We just wouldn’t be able to catch up on hydration, nutrition, and rest to complete any more acclimatization hikes before our summit push.”

The couple has since returned home and is taking it easy while they focus on their health. “We showered and crawled into bed, shells of ourselves, but quickly had the kitties/dogs by our side and our own Mountain View out the window to enjoy. I think the Universe must have wanted us to slow down and just savor some time at home. And we shall. It just means that there are more adventures to come,” she continued, adding that they definitely plan to return to Ecuador in the future as they really enjoyed the short time they spent there.

Despite the disappointing turn of events, the 35-year-old is looking on the bright side and considering the situation a lesson learned. “Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. For someone slightly type A (like myself), it’s challenging not drive myself absolutely crazy when things veer in a different direction,” she said, adding that this particular trip just “wasn’t meant to be.”

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