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The Bachelor’s Peter Weber Says He Doesn’t Like That People Are Obsessed With His Sex Life

When you’re willing to let your whole dating life play out on television you’re going to inevitably find yourself with some explaining to do. Such is the case for the new Bachelor, Peter Weber, who is very much trying to live down a racy moment he copped to as cameras rolled. When the After the Final Rose episode taped this summer, Weber admitted that during a date in Greece, he and Bachelorette Hannah Brown had sex. Four times. In a windmill. So now he’s that sex-in-a-windmill guy — and he knows it. But he wants to move past that.

“A whole part of my life has just been blown up in the public,” the 28-year-old commercial airline pilot told People. “My private life is my private life is my private life and I don’t like that it defines me.” While we respect his wishes it’s hard to grapple with the idea of him wanting his private life to be private when he’s on a reality television show to find love.

He continued, “I understand that it came out… And I know people have had fun with it and I guess it’s a good thing that I’ve been laid-back and easygoing about it. But there’s so much more to me than just a windmill. And I’m ready for that to be left in the past.”

Weber said it’s just time for that whole sordid detail to blow over — and for a very important reason: “Out of respect for hopefully my future wife that I want to find, we just need to move on.”

And Weber is ready for engagement saying he was “pleasantly surprised” to develop feelings so quickly for the women. “You can’t fake chemistry,” he says. “I definitely felt an initial spark right off the bat. There were for sure a couple [women] that I felt really strongly for.”

The new season of The Bachelor premieres on ABC on Jan. 6 at 8 p.m. ET.

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