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Kelly Clarkson’s Birthday Gift to Husband Puts All Other Gifts to Shame

Make way for the gift-giving queen! Just ahead of the holiday season, Kelly Clarkson celebrated her husband, Brandon Blackstock‘s 43rd birthday and surprised him with the most wonderful gift — not one, but two snowmobiles!

It seems like the perfect present, as the singer gets to experience the fun alongside her husband. The former American Idol winner revealed that the second snowmobile was “kind of” for her, so she could ride along with him while they spend the holidays on their ranch in Montana with their two kids, River and Remington. “We both love getting out in nature, we love the country and we are not really city people,” she told Us Weekly. “It is nice to go out and have your kids do stuff outside and in nature.”

“So that is what we will be doing the whole time. You won’t find me,” she added. “I will be lost in a ranch!”

But the snowmobiles are likely not the only thing Brandon got for his birthday this year. Earlier this week, Kelly got extra candid about her steamy sex life with her husband during a Q&A segment on The Kelly Clarkson Show. In the segment, she detailed her typical bedtime routine — which involved some intimate time with her hubby.

“What is the last thing you do before you go to bed every night?” the singer was asked by Voice winner Brynn Cartelli. “Is there one thing?”

“Well, Brynn, I was single for many years. So, I have children [now], and how one makes children is generally what I do before bed,” the mother-of-two responded with a giggle. “That’s not a lie, that’s real! And it’s not weird, it’s natural.”

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