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Oh, Just a Photo of James Van Der Beek Pumping Gas in Christmas Jammies

Look, it’s December 27 — and that’s squarely in the productivity dead zone between Christmas and New Year’s. You’re probably still sweeping up wayward tinsel, or perhaps still nursing a hangover. And if you’re still trying to look busy at work — well, bless your hearts. (We’re right there with you.)

That’s why we wanted to present you with a special holiday gift today, even as you thought you’d already unwrapped the very last of your goodies. Today, your gift is a photo of James Van Der Beek pumping gas in his Christmas jammies.

Yes, on December 26 the actor took to Instagram to share a rather delicious snap of him at a gas station, pumping gas into the family RV…. while clad in a festive two-piece PJ set, all decorated with a reindeer pattern.

Of course, everyone knows you can’t pump gas barefoot (because: gross/cold), so he sets off the whole sartorial masterpiece with a pair of trainers. And for what it’s worth, his top button is open to reveal a necklace and a swath of chest hair we wouldn’t mind burying ourselves in.

“May your days be merry and bright,” he captioned the snap. Behold:

Aw, shucks. We thought you’d enjoy it. And you are most welcome!

The rest of the photos in the series reveal the fam inside the RV, clad in their own holiday PJs, bundled in blankets and checking out the scenery. It’s a downright delightful portrait of a family at Christmas.

But TBH… we’re still hung up on that first pic.

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