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Laura Dern & Courteney Cox Spend Their 14th Annual Christmas Eve Together, Because #FriendGoals

The holidays are a time for tradition — and for one set of longtime celebrity friends, that includes a special celebration together. Laura Dern and Courteney Cox spent Christmas Eve morning together, a custom now over a decade long. The pals created this annual get-together way back when their kids were toddlers. Now? All three are teens.

Both actresses took to Instagram on Tuesday to share snapshots from the time-honored tradition. In one photo, Dern and Cox squeeze into the frame with Cox’s 15-year-old daughter Coco as well as Dern’s 18-year-old son Ellery and 15-year-old daughter Jaya. In another photo, Coco smiles as she appears to be opening a gift and being photobombed by Ellery. “Christmas Eve morning ritual year 14!!!! Love to all!” Dern gushed. “I love this family and our Christmas Eve tradition. Some things never change… much,” Cox wrote, adding a throwback picture of Coco and Ellery during the Christmas Eve gathering during their toddler years.

How much fun is that? It’s obvious the women cherish each other’s friendship. Earlier this year, Cox also alluded to how much she respects Dern professionally, telling ET, “Someone I consider a mentor still right now would be my friend Laura Dern. She’s an incredible artist. So talented, has such strong beliefs and fights for what she believes in. I directed her once in a short and she’s giving. I’m just in awe of her.”

Cox must be giving as well because she shares Dern with another close pal (who also happens to be a Friends alum). Earlier this week, Cox’s BFF Jennifer Aniston shared a photo from a Christmas party she hosted, and who do you think was right by her side? Dern! “Say CHEESE!!,” Aniston captioned the group selfie. “Lotta love in that room. Happy Holidays!”

Of course, all three women occasionally hang out together, too. In July, Dern spent the 4th of July holiday with Cox and a group of other girlfriends — including Aniston. Now this is the Friends group we want in on.

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