Are Rachel Bilson and Bill Hader Really Dating?

If you’re doubtful Rachel Bilson and Bill Hader are together, prepare to be convinced because the evidence is mounting big time — and there are pics to boot. Rumors about the couple date back to early November, when the pair was photographed together, apparently on a date. And they now appear to be getting even more serious — like meet-the-family-at-Christmas type of serious.

New pictures have emerged of Bilson and Hader together at a Starbucks in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where they were holding hands. According to TMZ, other family members were there too. Since Hader is from Tulsa its a pretty logical place for him to be this time of year — if not exactly a likely place that he would run into Bilson on accident.

If you’re still having a hard time wrapping your head around all this, consider that it’s actually really not as random as you might think: The duo appeared together in the rom-com The To Do List back in 2013 where they had a scene together.

Fun fact: Maggie Carey, who wrote and directed that film, was married to Hader at that time. They split after 11 years of marriage back in 2017. Another fun fact: That’s the same year Bilson split from Hayden Christensen.

Convinced yet?