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Taylor Swift Actually Went to ‘Cat School’ to Prepare For Her Role in Cats

We know actors put in a ton of work behind the scenes to get into their on-screen characters, but Taylor Swift’s preparation for the movie Cats takes that to a whole new level. The singer-turned-actress opened up to Variety about her impressive transformation, which included going to an actual “cat school” to learn how to crawl and hiss.

“We would literally do hours on end of barefoot crawling on the floor, hissing at each other. We learned about cat instincts and the way they carry themselves and the way that they process information, the way they see the world, the way they move,” she explained of the “animal behavior classes” she attended. “I came in, I’d say, four times more than I was scheduled to be there because I wanted to be a part of it. I’m a singer. This is not really my forte. I wanted to be there as much as possible and just get the hang of it and have my choreography down and have my song memorized and work on the dialect.”

The singer not only stars in the adaption of the iconic musical but also co-wrote and performed the theme song, which was recently nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Original Song. “It’s so cool that one of the most fun, fulfilling creative experiences I’ve ever had is being honored in this way by the HFPA,” the 30-year-old shared on Instagram after learning of the news.

And Swift, who refers to her time filming the movie as a “really special, strange, weird, exciting experience,” is not ruling out the idea of appearing in other films in the future. “If there was something that came up that was really interesting in a different way, that would be cool,” she admitted. “I really just want to do things that enrich my life and I want to have adventures and I want to do things that I’m curious about. It’s kind of just where I am.”

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