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Bachelor Star Courtney Robertson Is Engaged and Pregnant

Nearly eight years after competing for Ben Flajnik’s heart on Season 16 of The Bachelor, Courtney Robertson is finally getting her happily ever after. The best selling author, who won the final rose — and a short-lived engagement — back in 2012, is engaged and expecting her first baby with Humberto Preciado.

The former model revealed to Us Weekly that she had met Humberto on Instagram after the 39-year-old “liked” a bunch of her photos. “I DM’d him and then we went out a couple of days later and we’ve been together for eight months. He moved in in July, and the rest is history,” she revealed.

“He actually lived on the same street as me but six blocks away. We were in the same neighborhood. He definitely courted me,” she continued. “He took me on really nice dates. We planned trips, and we were together every day.”

And while the pregnancy was an unexpected surprise, the newly engaged couple couldn’t be happier with the news. The real estate agent revealed that she took a pregnancy test when Humberto was out of town at a conference because she couldn’t wait to see the results. “I had one of those period tracker things, and I was a day late. I’m calling him like, ‘Oh, my gosh, I think I need to take a test. I think I’m pregnant, I’m so excited,” she admitted.

Weeks ago, the couple shared a gender reveal party with their close family and friends, where they learned they are going to be welcoming a baby boy.

“I always wanted a boy. I grew up playing sports. My sister had three boys. I was like, ‘Of course, I’m probably not going to have a boy. We got the results back and I was actually shocked.’ I just thought in my head it was a girl.”

Congrats to the soon-to-be family of three!

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