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Amy Schumer Shares Never-Before-Seen Photo From the Day Her Baby Son Gene Was Born

As another year draws to its close, it’s only natural to inventory what’s gone down over the last 12 months. In doing so, Amy Schumer just shared a new birth photo of her baby son, Gene Attell Fischer. The now-seven-month-old tot, who was born on May 5, is Schumer’s first with her chef husband Chris Fischer — and judging by her 2019 highlight reel on Instagram, it’s clear baby Gene was a big part of a big year for the funny mama-of-one.

In case you’ve missed the boat in the past, Instagram’s “best of” year-end collages end up being super-popular each holiday season. Some people use the actual app to generate theirs, which pulls from the most-liked photos of the year. Others pick the photos they feel best reflect the kind of year they had. It would seem Schumer did the latter since she managed to work in a previously unseen snapshot from the day baby Gene was born. In the never-before-seen photo, a doctor holds newborn Gene so that Schumer and Fischer can “meet” their child. Both parents have a hand on the just-born Gene, who is crying.

“It was a very good year,” Schumer captioned her collage, half of which featured photos from her pregnancy with Gene.

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It was a very good year

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Although Schumer has been extremely candid about most of the details surrounding her pregnancy and Gene’s birth, there are some things she’s clearly kept quiet until she was ready to address them. Another example? Just last week, she revealed for the first time that Gene came into the world via C-section — and that the method of delivery was her choice.

She shared a closeup of her hospital paperwork in an Instagram Story, focusing on a section that asks, “Born by vaginal delivery or c/section?” Schumer’s response read, “C section.” In the corresponding blank for “c section reason,” she wrote, “My choice.” This is an important distinction to make public, because it helps break down any (unnecessary!) stigma surrounding c-sections and the attitude toward elective c-sections specifically.

Basically, Schumer is an open book when it comes to being a new mom. Sure, the occasional clandestine moment or explanation is shared in her own time, but that’s her prerogative. We’re just happy she’s willing to be so candid about motherhood. And, TBH, we’re looking forward to all of the cute photos of baby Gene that 2020 will surely bring.

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