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Justin Timberlake Is Back Home With Jessica Biel ‘Putting Aside’ Recent Co-Star Drama

Justin Timberlake just wrapped filming Palmer and is trying to put his handholding debacle behind him, and focus on family matters. The actor and musician found himself at the center of controversy back in November when he and co-star Alisha Wainwright — his love interest in the upcoming film — were spotted on a balcony in New Orleans exhibiting what some perceived to be inappropriate closeness. And while Timberlake has since publicly apologized to wife Jessica Biel, one source says he’s ready to truly move forward in word and action now that he has returned home post-production.

Timberlake first came under fire when photos surfaced showing him, seemingly quite inebriated, engaging in light PDA with Wainwright in the company of some of their other Palmer co-stars. At first, the context of the photos was unclear. Could they have been shooting a scene? Two weeks later, though, Timberlake broke his silence in an Instagram post calling the incident a “lapse in judgment” (although he remained insistent that “nothing happened” between the co-stars).

Now, Timberlake is apparently home and working through any repercussions. “Justin has spent a lot of time apologizing and acknowledging Jessica’s feelings,” a source told E! News. “He feels terrible and wishes he could take back the public humiliation and embarrassment he caused. He loves Jessica and being married to her. He will learn from what happened and not let it happen again.”

According to the source, Timberlake and Biel are “moving on” and, to her credit, she is “putting it all aside and focusing on their future together as a family.”

Of course, the court of public opinion likely won’t be as quick to forgive and forget. Earlier this week, Timberlake posted a thirsty comment in response to a video of herself that Biel shared on Instagram. And while the public used to find his flirty comments on Biel’s feed endearing, his response to his wife this time was met with less favorable sentiment.”Cry me a river,” one commenter wrote, alluding to his hit song. “Trying to get out of the dog house, huh?” quipped another.

It goes without saying that only those present actually know what transpired between Timberlake and Wainwright — or, for that matter, what conversations are being held by Timberlake and Biel behind closed doors. Which is to say, here’s hoping the couple really is able to move past this blight and focus on their family this holiday season.

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