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Watch This Exclusive Clip From The Morning Show Season Finale: Will Bradley Back Out of Their Coup?

Warning: This post contains spoilers for The Morning Show Season 1, Episode 9.

The Morning Show has been building to its explosive conclusion for weeks, and the season finale doesn’t air until Dec. 20, on Apple TV+ —  So if you’re like us, and can’t wait (and after last week’s episode, how could you?), you can check out this exclusive clip of The Morning Show season finale right now — where Bradley looks like she’s getting cold feet.

The clip shows Bradley, Cory, Mitch, and Chip discussing the explosive interview they plan to air on TMS, in which Mitch will expose all the other people complicit in the cover-up culture there — including Alex and network head Fred. It’s a dangerous move, and even firebrand Bradley is starting to have doubts.

But doubts or no, Cory breaks things down as only Cory can. Too many people already know what’s in store and Fred already has a replacement for Chip coming in. If they hesitate any longer, they’ll lose. “Chip is right about this, this has to happen as soon as possible,” he tells Bradley. “There are four of us in this room right now who all know about this super top-secret plan to take over the airwaves of one of the four major networks during its most profitable show. And you did tell Alex you met with Mitch, so she knows and she isn’t happy, so with every day that goes by, the odds that somebody else is gonna find out about this increase.”

“This has to happen now,” he finishes off his speech. “Or it’s not gonna happen at all, and we’ll all end up in the gulags for our trouble.” Is everyone else obsessed with Billy Crudup in this too? Good.

The Morning Show season finale goes live on Dec. 20 on Apple TV+.

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