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Blake Shelton Reveals How He Plans to Spend Christmas With Gwen Stefani

Hello, winter break! Blake Shelton just revealed how he and Gwen Stefani plan to spend the holidays, and it sounds like the cute couple will be taking full advantage of their lighter end-of-year schedule. Now that The Voice has ended, the pair has carte Blanche to take a little well-deserved time off. But how will they spend it? From the sound of it, Stefani must be the one in charge of holiday planning.

Shelton shared that he doesn’t know all of the Christmas specifics while speaking to ET but has been debriefed on one front: travel. “We’re going to do Christmas here in the wintry hills of Los Angeles,” he joked, revealing that he and Stefani then plan to fly out to his Oklahoma ranch after Christmas Day. “I have not been handed the schedule yet. I just know that I am going t be a part of whatever is happening.” Hey, the most important part is showing up, right? But as much as Shelton is playing down his role in the holiday festivities, we bet he’ll be there with (jingle) bells on.

As far as the location shake-up goes, that seems fair — as both Stefani and Shelton have previously shared, bringing their families together at Shelton’s Oklahoma ranch has become a Thanksgiving tradition at least four years running now.

And while Shelton doesn’t have all of the details of the couple’s holiday agenda just yet, he has recently let a few of their favorite Christmas traditions slip. Earlier this week, he told E! News that he and Stefani do the whole Christmas-morning-present-whirlwind with her sons Kingston, 13, Zuma, 11 and Apollo, 5.

“You know, it’s chaos. Let’s just face it. At our house, it’s literally chaos,” he playfully shared. “There’s not one thing outside of just — they have that moment when they run through the wrapping paper wall that she sets up every year. That’s about the only thing that I think consistently happens.”

Although truth be told, that inconsistency might just be part of Shelton’s master plan. “Me and Blake will have, like, a tradition of always trying something new that we’ve never — like, just look on the internet and find, like, a recipe, ‘That looks delicious. Let’s try that!’ You know?” Stefani told E!. Last year, they even discovered a hit: an Italian pasta dish called Timpano Dome. “I wanted to do it again,” Stefani said. “But he’s like, ‘No, our tradition is not a tradition.'”

Yep, that sounds like Shelton! Here’s hoping these two enjoy a happy (albeit likely hectic) holiday together.

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