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Here’s What Everyone Is Watching on Disney+ Right Now

If you feel like a lot of people are very excited about the new Disney+ streaming platform, you’re not wrong. The service, which launched in November, has already racked up 10 million subscribers. This isn’t terribly surprising: The platform streams both classic Disney offerings and new programming, which makes it appealing to children and nostalgia-riddled adults alike.

Disney+’s roster of original programming includes everything from a Star Wars spinoff to an upcoming Lizzie McGuire reboot — which is to say, there’s some very big, highly anticipated stuff coming to the platform. But if a recent report is any indication, new programming isn’t the main attraction here. Actually, the classics are what really resonate with viewers.

Disney+ won’t be disclosing viewership data (a la Netflix), but according to a The Hollywood Reporter, roughly 22 percent of subscribers report to watching the old-school Disney offerings more than any other type of content. About 21 percent of viewers watch Star Wars the most, followed by programming from Marvel, Pixar and the Disney channel. About five percent of viewers watch The Simpsons most, followed by National Geographic and Disney+ originals, which only racked up 2 percent of the vote.

Now, that’s not to say more viewers aren’t watching original content — this poll only measures what people are watching the most — but it does suggest that we’re most excited about the throwback offerings.

This isn’t a huge surprise. We’re a generation obsessed with nostalgia, so it stands to reason that offerings like The Lion King and Mary Poppins are doing so well. By contrast, Gen Z subscribers are going for Disney channel and Pixar picks, older viewers are mostly excited about Star Wars offerings.

Of course, this poll doesn’t paint a full picture — including only a polling sample of 496, which is a small fraction of Disney+ subscribers. With that being said, it does give us some idea of what people are most excited about on the new platform. And if you don’t already have an account, sign up for a free trial here.

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