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Chris Harrison Reveals the Real Reason Hannah Brown Is Returning to ‘The Bachelor’

If you’re a proud member of Bachelor Nation, one question has undoubtedly been plaguing you lately: Why is Hannah Brown returning? Well, Chris Harrison has an explanation for the former Bachelorette’s much-hyped appearance on Peter Weber’s upcoming season. But, spoiler alert, the reason for Brown’s comeback cameo probably won’t pan out to be nearly as dramatic as we’ve all been imagining.

Chatting with E! News mere weeks ahead of Weber’s beginning-of-year Bachelor premiere, Harrison insists the decision for Brown to return was a “mutual” one made by the exes. “I think it’s something that needed to be dealt with, the relationship. I think it’s a relationship that didn’t have a clean, clear break. I think there were and maybe are feelings there, and some underlying feelings that maybe they thought they had both dealt with, but I knew once they saw each other, they probably hadn’t really dealt with them all,” Harrison shared. “So I think it’s a hurdle that we needed to clear before we moved forward.”

The host went on to say that because Brown was “a big part of Peter’s life,” it was important that both parties moved on. “I think they did love each other very much on her season,” said Harrison, noting that not choosing Weber is a decision Brown has wrestled with. “I think it was something that needed to be done, and a conversation that needed to be had.”

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So, in a word, closure. That’s why Brown’s coming back to Weber’s season — which makes it seem as though she won’t be sticking around so much as getting what she needs (and him too, as Harrison tells it) and moving on.

That likely won’t deter ABC from playing up the Brown angle until the very moment she appears, naturally. A press release put out by the network earlier this month already teased the former couple’s complicated dynamic, saying, “What happens when Peter discovers a distraught Hannah backstage? What she shares with him will leave them both as confused as ever… Will Hannah join the group of women in the Bachelor mansion and continue to date Peter?”

The season of “Pilot Pete” officially takes flight on January 6, so we’ll have to wait to find out. Although let’s be real, you know Harrison is going to stretch it out over a few episodes. How else will he hit is “most dramatic moment ever” quota for the season? Until the new season rolls around, though, you can while the time by getting to know its new contestants.

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