Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard’s White Elephant Holiday Party Featured 11 Hilarious Gifts — and One Is Pretty Creepy

Need a last-minute yet totally memorable gift idea? Look no further than Kristen Bell! The Frozen 2 star wrapped up a mold of Dax Shepard’s severed head to hand out at her White Elephant holiday party, and let’s just say the rest of the gifts paled in comparison. Or at the very least, there was definitely some paling going on — the color may or may not have left our faces when we first saw Bell’s inspired (read: hilariously terrifying) Christmas present.

In case you’re not familiar with how White Elephant gift exchanges work, the gist is generally to bring gag gifts. The funnier, the better! So, in keeping with that spirit, Bell and Shepard’s circle of friends didn’t shy away from presents that had a certain shock-and-awe quality about them. Before Bell’s gift was even opened, the good-natured group revealed a sting of comically bad stocking stuffers.

“The prizes this year were amazing. And penis themed. Lots and lots of penises,” gushed Bell in her Instagram Story. “But I brought something VERY special. What is it?? A mold of @daxshepard’s severed head of course!!!” Not surprisingly, the unfortunate friend who unboxed this gift couldn’t believe her eyes — but, ultimately, everyone got a huge kick out of Bell’s masterfully disturbing gift idea.

Kristen Bell White Elephant.
Image: Kristen Bell/Instagram.

And while you might think there couldn’t possibly have been any other stand-out gifts in the mix, you’d be wrong. There was:

A car windshield sunshade featuring an iconic trio

Kristen Bell White Elephant car shade.
Image: Kristen Bell/Instagram.

This Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton moment deserved to be immortalized.

Penis art

Kristen Bell White Elephant.
Image: Kristen Bell/Instagram.

First up? A yellow, ahem, banana installation, followed by a phallic painting (hence Bell’s nod to the party’s emerging penis theme).

A giant Snickers bar

Kristen Bell White Elephant giant Snickers.
Image: Kristen Bell/Instagram.

We need shopping resources, ASAP.

A cross-stitched portrait

Kristen Bell White Elephant cross-stitching.
Image: Kristen Bell/Instagram.

It poignantly features two birds with the words, “Great tits.”

This cookie jar

Kristen Bell White Elephant cookie jar.
Image: Kristen Bell/Instagram.

You can’t really go wrong with the Batmobile, right?

A taxidermied rooster

Kristen Bell White Elephant party rooster.
Image: Kristen Bell/Instagram.

Wrapped in lottery tickets, no less.

A personal sauna

Kristen Bell White Elephant sauna.
Image: Kristen Bell/Instagram.

Sign us all the way up for this one.

This Frozen 2 inspired “Samantha?” hat

Kristen Bell White Elephant Samantha hat.
Image: Kristen Bell/Instagram.

Shepard’s severed head obviously had to try it on.

A truly erotic-looking backscratcher

Kristen Bell White Elephant backscratcher.
Image: Kristen Bell/Instagram.

Bell seemed pretty excited to end up with this one.

But, yeah, as great as all of the gifts were, it was the mold of Shepard that made everyone truly lose their heads (severed head puns are never not funny — just ask Bell). Perhaps none was more pleased, though, than Bell herself. In one of the final videos of her Instagram Story carousel, she can be seen lovingly cradling and caressing the mold before planting a big kiss on its cold, lifeless lips. “@kristenanniebell sweetly hanging out with @daxshepard’s severed head,” a friend tagged the moment, which was made all the more unsettling by Shepard looking on with an approving grin.

Kristen Bell White Elephant.
Image: Kristen Bell/Instagram.

Clearly, this White Elephant event leaves many questions in its wake. How long did it take to commission the life-like, or dead-like, bust of Shepard’s head? Where does one even find a taxidermied rooster?? And, finally, who are all of these people and can they be our friends, too?