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Reese Witherspoon & Kerry Washington’s Miniseries Little Fires Everywhere Just Dropped a Fiery Teaser

We’re so glad Reese Witherspoon is in the producing game now — not just because we love to see powerful women succeed, but because we’re obsessed with her taste, and every project she picks looks better than the last. Witherspoon and Kerry Washington’s Little Fires Everywhere teaser just dropped, and we can’t remember the last time we got this hyped over 15 seconds of video content. There’s Shondaland-esque music, a dramatic shot of Reese Witherspoon applying lipstick, shattering glass, and, of course, fire: What’s not to love?

The teaser, released Dec. 13, starts with the aforementioned lipstick shot, while Witherspoon delivers a chilling voiceover. “We all have parts that scare us,” she says. Witherspoon and Washington deliver their best brooding stares. Witherspoon whips around, startled. A glass crashes to the ground. Long strips of paper are set on fire. “But we can’t not look at who we are.”

One more exciting feature of this teaser? At long last, we have a release date: March 18, only on Hulu.

Witherspoon has been involved in this project for a long time, discovering Ng’s book before its publication and instantly falling in love. Her company, Hello Sunshine, will co-produce the Hulu series, as will Washington’s company Simpson Street. And it was Witherspoon and Washington who first approached the series’ writer, Liz Tigelaar, about turning the novel into a show.

In September 2017, Witherspoon chose the book as her September 2017 book club pick. “To say I love this book is an understatement,” the Morning Show star wrote on Instagram at the time. “It’s a deep psychological mystery about the power of motherhood, the intensity of teenage love, and the danger of perfection. It moved me to tears.”

If you haven’t read Ng’s book, we can’t recommend it enough. But you’ll enjoy this series either way. With Witherspoon as the “picture perfect” Richardson mother, and Washington as the “enigmatic” Warren mother, this thrilling story of how these families’ lives cross paths is filled with Gone Girl-level drama with a family twist. Again, we ask you: What’s not to love?

Little Fires Everywhere premieres March 18 on Hulu.

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