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Jennifer Aniston Just Posted Another Rare Throwback Pic & Nearly 2 Million People Have Liked It Already

Can you believe we just lived through a dark 15-year period where Jennifer Aniston wasn’t on TV? Thankfully, we can put all that behind us — with Aniston’s Golden Globes nomination this week for The Morning Show, the actress has confirmed she’s back on top of the world. And she’s celebrating with the greatest gift of all: Aniston posted another rare throwback photo on Instagram, and the likes are already pouring in for this sweet look at li’l baby Jen.

Aniston posted this #TBT on Thursday night, proving that she’s already getting the hang of how this Instagram thing works. Under an adorable black-and-white pic of the star as a young girl looking out the window, she wrote: “California beanie baby ( I’m sure I was wishing for snow) #TBT.”

The Friends star’s friends are already gushing over this sweet throwback snap (and we don’t blame them!). Nearly 2 million people have already liked the pic, including her Morning Show co-star Reese Witherspoon, Booksmart star Beanie Feldstein, Laura Dern and more.

There are also thousands of comments dying over Aniston’s cute little face. (Literally, thousands.) “Come ON you cutie,” writes Dern. “Sweetness!” adds Ali Wentworth. “Omg you are THE CUTEST,” writes pal Jennifer Meyer. See, this is why all celebs need Instagram: not just so we can see these photos as they find them, but so we can stalk (er, casually observe) which other stars they’re friends with.

Aniston’s last #TBT was posted in October. She shared another sweet photo of herself as a young girl staring into the camera along with a photo of herself today wearing a similar hood, and the caption: “In style, then and now…” (That one has over 7 million likes, for what it’s worth.)

We love getting these throwback peeks into celeb’s childhoods — and it’s crazy to see how much they all look like their younger selves! When Jennifer Aniston joined Instagram just a few months back, this is exactly the type of content we were hoping for — keep it coming, Jen!

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