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‘Hustlers’ Taught Jennifer Lopez a Valuable Lesson She’ll Pass on to Her Daughter

It’s easy to look at someone like Jennifer Lopez and assume she has it all figured out — the woman practically redefines the term superstar. But Lopez is still learning and growing. Her recent work in Hustlers forced Lopez to reexamine aspects of her own life and taught her a valuable lesson — and now, she’s passing it on to her daughter, Emme. 

“I love that you never see Ramona with a man,” Lopez tells The New York Times of her character. “Except when she’s in the club or working. When you do certain roles, you realize something about yourself. I’ve always been so much a romantic, so much about having a relationship, and this woman is the total opposite. And to play that, to live in those shoes, to walk in those very high heels, in that skin, made me realize I’m out here on my own. That’s what I need to teach my daughter, that aspect of it, that you can do it on your own. Women are not taught that all the time.”

While Lopez’s role will affect how she parents her daughter, the effect goes both ways — she also allowed her real-life role as a mother to shape the way she approached her character.

“Ramona was independent,” Lopez tells The New York Times. “It wasn’t about men. It wasn’t about: ‘I need these guys to like me. I need them to be attracted to me. My goal is to get all of your money.’ And her having a daughter, being a mama bear — those things made it fun to play, because I could be a maternal Mother Earth, caring and loving, and then be like, I’ll stab you.”

And even though Lopez didn’t get paid for Hustlers straight she took some incredibly valuable lessons from the film which is something you can’t put a price tag on.

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