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Kevin Hart Says After His Car Crash He Felt ‘Helpless’ During Recovery

In September, Kevin Hart suffered a terrifying car accident, sustaining severe back injuries that required major surgery — and this week Hart revealed how difficult his recovery was. The actor candidly shared what it was like having to relearn basic movements like getting dressed in the morning, and reflected on how vulnerable that process left him. Despite his difficult recovery, the actor is grateful for it all, and reveals what helped get him through.

Hart opened up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, telling host and longtime friend DeGeneres that “everything changed” after the surgery. “You’re kind of helpless,” he said, adding, “so that’s when you get to see what really matters, who really matters. Life kind of hits you in a completely different way.”

For Hart, who “really matters” became clear right away: his friends and family who (literally) stood by his side during recovery. “My kids didn’t want to go to school, they stayed with me, they were like, ‘we’re just gonna stay in the hospital.’ They slept with me, day in, day out. My wife was on rotation with my brother, her mom came in, my mother-in-law was there — and you go, ‘wow. This is love.'”

Hart wasn’t joking when he said he felt “helpless” after the accident: “My first goal was wiping my ass,” he told DeGeneres. “You’re laughing — the first thing was me saying [to my wife], ‘I don’t like the fact, honey, that you gotta come in and you gotta get me together. My first goal is to get you out of that position.”

Hart continued making progress, step by step: “I started showering by myself, I started dressing by myself, and the biggest triumph was when I put my socks on one day,” the actor recounts. “You couldn’t tell me nothing. When I put my socks on, it was the biggest thing in the world. I ran around the house: ‘I got my socks on…I did it myself!’ It was the biggest thing for me.”

Hart married his wife Eniko in 2016, whom they share 2-year-old son Kenzo Kash. He also has two children from his previous marriage to Torrei Hart: 12-year-old son Hendrix and 14-year-old daughter Heaven. For Hart, a surprising advantage of his recovery was how much time he got to spend at home with his kids.

“I’ve never been home for more than eight days, eight to ten days. Ever,” he confessed to DeGeneres, having now spent the past few months at home. “Being home for that amount of time made me so happy. I was sat down. I feel like God sat me down.”

Ultimately, Hart has a new lease on life: “I got a completely different look on life now. A much better one…I like saying, ‘ok, it’s time to rebuild.’ But we’re not rebuilding to get back to the old you, we’re building to get better and become the new you.”

Hart’s positive outlook (just three months out from major back surgery) is an example to us all — and as DeGeneres pointed out, Hart’s workout videos suggest the actor will be back at peak form in no time.

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