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Jennifer Lopez Shares a Makeup-Free Photo, & She Might Be an Ageless Vampire

If ever you needed proof she doesn’t age, Jennifer Lopez’s new makeup-free photo should provide all of the evidence you require. In a rare fresh-faced moment, the 50-year-old Hustlers star posted a snapshot in which she isn’t in full-glam mode. And, if we’re really being honest, the fact that her natural state is so gosh damn dewy and perfect feels somehow unnatural. Is she a vampire? An alien? Conspiracy theorists, what say you?

Lopez took to Instagram in response to receiving a Best Supporting Actress nod from the LA Film Critics Association for her role in Hustlers. In the sweet pic, she appears makeup-free as she snuggles up to twins Max and Emme. “Home sweet home,” she captioned the shot. “Sitting here with my coconuts and feeling so grateful. THANK YOU to the @lafilmcritics Association! I am humbled and honored. #Ramona #hustlersmovie #LAFCA.”

Despite the fact that J.Lo’s glam squad took the night off, the star still looks flawless. Without the false eyelashes, without eyeshadow, without shimmer — it doesn’t even look like her brows are filled in. And, at 50, her bare face sports a glow on par with her tweens.

In reality, we know that Lopez takes really good care of herself (did you see her workout regimen in preparation to play stripper Ramona?!). But it’s oddly comforting to imagine that her impossibly youthful glow came from some supernatural source since the bags under our eyes look big enough for a trans-continental vacation.

Lopez showed off her dewy complexion once more on Monday when she posted an early a.m. video to acknowledge her Golden Globe nomination. But because she’s also a human filled with mercy and grace, Lopez let fans in on a little secret in 2014: “My mom and my grandma had beautiful skin, so I was blessed with that. I’m fortunate in that way,” she admitted to Today.

She’s also repeatedly underscored the importance of self-care. And hey, if you want to try to emulate J.Lo’s youthful glow, you could always take a cue from Buzzfeed writer Krista Torres. At the end of last month, she spent a week using the beauty products Lopez swears by. TL; DR? There’s a big possibility the star’s skincare routine is at least partially responsible for her vampire-like agelessness.

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