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Elizabeth Hurley Singles Out Matthew McConaughey As Her Best Onscreen Kiss

She’s locked lips with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, but Elizabeth Hurley just singled out her best onscreen kiss — and that title goes to the one and only Matthew McConaughey. Apparently the Texan actor is more than just “alright, alright, alright” when it comes to making out. Or at least he was more than two decades ago, when Hurley played his romantic interest in a movie.

On Monday, the actress-slash-model made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, where she was asked who her best (and worst) onscreen kiss was. Understandably, it took Hurley a minute to run through her mental catalog. “Best? So many,” she said with a laugh before sharing, “Maybe Matthew McConaughey.” The audience reacted favorably to this answer, so Hurley revealed a few more details. “It was a movie called EDtv, which was by Ron Howard. We did a lot of kissing in it.”

In case you missed that 1999 cult classic, it starred McConaughey as a charismatic yet hapless video store clerk who is chosen to have his every moment documented on live TV. Hurley plays a sexy star the network essentially uses to try to seduce him away from his reality-TV-hating current girlfriend (played by Jenna Elfman). Hilariously, Hurley and McConaughey’s love scene doesn’t end quite as planned — you can see the comically bad outcome here.

As if Hurley’s revelation wasn’t interesting enough, Stephen Dorff shared one of his one. The actor, who is making the media rounds in promotion of his new TV series Deputy, also ponied up an answer to the best onscreen kiss question. His response? “Susan Sarandon was a good onscreen kiss,” he said, noting that it was for an HBO movie called Earthly Possessions. Is it weird to admit that him naming Sarandon out of all of his onscreen co-stars kind of makes us want to tune into his show even more?

Although Dorff had no problem recalling his best kiss, he couldn’t muster up the worst one. Hurley, on the other hand, offered up a coy response. “I had a German actor I did a movie with. We hated each other. We had to have sort of a sexy scene and we had to do a lot of snogging. I didn’t like it,” she admitted. “Horrible.”

Hmm, color us intrigued. If you need us, we’ll be combing through Hurley’s IMDB profile trying to determine which rom-com she starred opposite a mysterious (and apparently bad smooching) German actor.

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