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Chrissy Teigen Talks Nannies, Celeb Secrets, & Fighting with John Legend on Twitter

What would we do without Chrissy Teigen? The model and TV personality just revealed the secrets of celebrity life on Twitter, and she’s answering all the questions we’ve never dared to ask. From hearing about the full-time staff Teigen and John Legend have on hand to the secret of how celebs navigate the airport, our jaws were dropping more than once reading through her Q&A.

Teigen kicked off this illuminating set of tweets by answering a question on the platform about whether or not celebs have “junk drawers where they throw random cords and pens.” Sharing a photo of her own (remarkably organized) junk drawer, Teigen then wrote: “It’s celebrity question asking time! Ask me, your favorite A list celebrity anything you would like to know about being a super huge A list celebrity.”

Honestly, literally every part of this thread is fascinating, but we’ll try to break it down by category. First, all the answers Teigen gave about who works for her and John: four nannies, Christmas-shopping assistants, a business accountant, a house manager (who helps schedule the rest of the “household staff”), and various “hair/makeup people” who are sometimes paid to travel with the famous family.

Next, we have the most shocking secrets Teigen revealed on behalf of celebrities everywhere — like the fact that they pay for membership to a private (and separate) LAX terminal called The Private Suite, what exactly a “gifting suite” is, and how celebs find each other’s phone numbers.

Teigen also dished on some memorable paparazzi incidents, and reminded us that it’s basically impossible to do “normal” things like grocery shopping or going to the movies when you’re as recognizable as she is.


For all her celebrity-specific problems, though, Teigen is as relatable as ever when talking about her family — especially her “scheduling” spats with Legend, and his alarm clock routine that drives her crazy.

Finally: wondering what Teigen’s giving for Christmas this year? She feels very strongly that a Barefoot Dreams blanket is the perfect gift — and after all the wisdom she’s dropped here, who are we to question her?

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