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Taylor Swift Reads Jameela Jamil Quotes to Help Her Body Image

Milestone years have a way of clarifying perspective. On the cusp of her 30th birthday, Taylor Swift admits she reads Jameela Jamil quotes to de-stress and shape her own views about things like aging and body image. Moving into a new decade, Swift says she’s embracing the things that help her “feel more chill about life.” And that, it would seem, includes The Good Place star.

Swift is no stranger to scrutiny and being subjected to societally imposed standards of beauty. Having effectively gone through her formative teen years in the public eye, the singer has undoubtedly heard every possible critique (and/or read them on social media). That’s why she’s choosing to focus on public figures pushing back against the system at this new juncture of life. “I really love that there are advocates out there in the world being very vocal about the fact that aging is not a slow march to irrelevancy, death and decay,” Swift, who is one the publication’s People of the Year, told People magazine. “Whenever I feel stress-y about things, I’ll just read some of Jameela Jamil’s quotes about body image and health and normal body weight.”

In her 30th circle around the sun, Swift aims to think less about her body — and she says Jamil is (indirectly) helping her. She explained, “She talks about how we should just be not so much body-positive, but body-neutral. We shouldn’t be thinking about them as much as we do, and I really like that. People like that who make solid points like that make me feel more chill about life.”

That chillness carries over into aspects outside of body image, too. According to Swift, she’s simply at a place where she doesn’t stress as much. “There are certain parts of my brain that I don’t visit as often, like stressing out about my body, stressing out about being on trend, stressing out about people thinking I’m cool, stressing out about people thinking really anything about me,” she said, adding, “You have to toss out things that don’t serve you. That’s what I think we all try to do when we’re getting older, and you just hope that you’re getting wiser too!”

An as of right now, the Grammy winner is “really happy” with the progress she’s made — and really excited about what the future holds. She told People, “I’ve been told by a lot of people [your 30s] are really fun, and I’m having a really good time approaching them.”

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