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The New James Bond Trailer for No Time To Die Introduces the Badass Female Agent We’ve Been Waiting For

Ever since we heard a female Bond might be on the horizon, we’ve been dying for a first look at Lashana Lynch, the woman reportedly stepping up to the role. The new James Bond No Time To Die trailer introduces Lynch’s badass female agent character, and our jaws are dropping at everything Lynch is laying down.

Lynch, a British actress who’s previously starred in Captain Marvel and TV series Still Star-Crossed, is entering the Bond franchise as another MI6 agent (named Nomi, according to IMDb), and the trailer shows her and Daniel Craig’s 007 at odds already.

“The world’s moved on, Commander Bond,” we hear Lynch say in a voiceover. “Are you a 00?” Craig’s Bond asks her.

“Two years,” Lynch replies, “So stay in your lane.” We see a series of flashes of Lynch: pulling up in a fancy car, staring Bond down in a nightclub, and pointing a massive gun like she was born to do it. (You know, secret agent stuff.)

“You get in my way, I will put a bullet in your knee,” Lynch warns Craig, adding: “The one that works.” Ouch! Look out, Bond: there’s a badass woman gunning to take your place, and she seems to know all your weaknesses.

Other highlights from the trailer include Ana De Armas looking similarly deadly and thrilling, Rami Malek’s creepy, masked villain, and Léa Seydoux as yet another blonde who will prove to be James Bond’s undoing.

However you feel about the franchise, the inclusion of characters like Lynch’s Nomi is undoubtedly a step forward — and honestly, it’s been a long time since we’ve been this excited for a Bond movie.

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