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Tom Brady Gets Candid About His Mom & Trying to Be a Good Dad in This Super-Rare Interview Clip

When’s the last time you saw Tom Brady sit down and give a full, in-depth interview about his life? If you said June 2018, you’d be right (and also seriously well-informed about Tom Brady). Now, Brady is talking about his mom and fatherhood in a rare clip from his first sit-down interview in 18 months. Here’s what America’s favorite football star had to say.

The clip aired on the Today show, where interviewer Jason Kennedy chatted about what it was like to dig deep with (and work out with) the legendary quarterback. The full interview airs tonight as part of E!’s new series In the Room, but this sneak peek revealed Brady’s close relationship with his mom, why his wife wants him to think about retiring, and how he’s trying to raise his kids. (And all that is in under a minute.)

“My mom is probably one of the most caring people in the world, she loves everybody,” Brady tells Kennedy. “Except for someone who hits her son on the football field… she probably wants to kill that person.” Kennedy pressed him further, asking how his mom deals with the real possibility that Brady could get hurt out there.

“Mom doesn’t like it very much,” the athlete admitted. “Mom would prefer at some point for me to retire, just like my wife would, because she doesn’t want to see me get hit either.” Fair enough!

Kennedy then steered the conversation to Brady’s kids with wife Giselle Bündchen: 6-year-old Vivian Lake and 9-year-old Benjamin. “Our kids [have] a lot of things that we didn’t have growing up,” Brady muses. “I just want them to appreciate and be grateful, and I want them to respect everybody for what they do.”

No matter what you have or don’t have, Brady explains, the key thing is to treat people the best you can, and support them in whatever their struggles may be. “Everyone has different upbringings, different challenges,” he says. “You encourage people when [things] aren’t going well for them…try to be a good friend, try to be a good family member. I’m gonna try to be a great example for [my kids].”

Tom Brady’s full interview airs Dec.4 on E! News at 8 p.m.

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