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Channing Tatum Jokes He Doesn’t Do ‘Magic Mike Live’ Shows Because of His ‘Dad Bod’

Some people just don’t appreciate a good thing when they’ve got it. Case in point? Channing Tatum blames his “dad bod” for not performing in Magic Mike Live shows. To which we’d say, Chan, do a little market research — your fans would surely be happy to see you on stage in your current form. But his physique alone likely isn’t the only reason Tatum no longer dances in the immersive stage shows.

During an appearance on Australia’s Sunrise, show hosts Nat Barr and Sam Armytage asked the actor and father of 6-year-old daughter Everly (with ex-wife Jenna Dewan) if he’d be performing in the just-announced Australian installment of Magic Mike Live. Referring to his 20-man troupe, Tatum joked, “You’ll see what these guys look like, and if I ever get in that kind of shape again, yeah, I will… [I’ve got a] dad bod, man! I got a kid now; this is what it is. I can’t full-time-job be in the gym anymore.” Still, that’s not to say he’ll never take the stage again. He’s been known to surprise audiences before and admitted on Sunrise, “I love showing up.”

But outside of allegedly not having a tight enough physique — note: we’re not buying it — Tatum probably just doesn’t have the bandwidth to perform in the shows. The Australian leg, which launches in May 2020, will have 162 tour dates between Melbourne and Sydney. Considering Tatum is currently involved in a custody dispute with Dewan over Everly, his priority is presumably stateside.

Still, Tatum definitely seems excited to bring the movie-inspired show to yet another enthusiastic locale. Posting a photo on Instagram Monday of himself surrounded by the shirtless revue performers, Tatum wrote, “It’s happening… We’re coming for you, Australia.”

Tatum isn’t the only one who was stoked about the announcement (I mean, obviously, right?). His girlfriend, Jessie J, slid into his IG comments with a flirty comment to celebrate the news, saying, “I wanted it to cut to you doing ‘Pony’ by the Sydney Opera House so bad, Chan.”

And, not surprisingly, Tatum’s fans agreed that would have put the tease in teaser trailer. “Me too Jessie, me too,” one fan wrote, with another gushing, “Yeah, we need that.” One couldn’t help but point out that Jessie J doesn’t have to want for anything: “@jessiej you’re so lucky, you can see it at home.”

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