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Blake Shelton Will Defend His Right to Say ‘Sis’ Until His Dying Day

If you come for Blake Shelton on Twitter, you better be ready for the country star’s thoughts in return. Shelton clapped back after being criticized for saying “sis” on Twitter, and — unlike most things we see on Twitter — it was a goofy, lighthearted reminder that Shelton’s Southern slang isn’t going anywhere, sis.

The “drama” all started with a Nov. 25 tweet from a user named Emily. “Someone please tell @blakeshelton to stop saying ‘sis’ #thevoice,” she wrote. 11 minutes later (yes, we counted), Shelton hit back with a teasing retort.

“I have received your complaint and I am now digging in to my habitual vocabulary to remove it…” the God’s Country singer wrote. “But this could take awhile sis…”

Fans of Shelton were quick to defend the Voice coach’s use of “sis,” noting that it’s a common term of endearment in the South (Shelton is from Oklahoma). “Love sis!!! We all have our own language, especially in the south. It’s very endearing,” one tweet reads.

“Hahaha it’s a Southern thang!!! All us southerners say it,” another tweet agrees.

Eventually, the tweet got so much attention that the original poster, Emily, chimed back in. “It was a joke I love Blake, calm down,” she wrote. Shelton replied quickly to that one too: “Whew.. now we can be friends again!!!! I love you too sis!!!”

Now that’s a sweet fan interaction we can get behind.

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