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The Queen Has Put up 2 Gorgeous Christmas Trees — Take a Look

Is it Christmas yet? Well, not quite — but The Queen has already begun decking the halls of Windsor Castle as the first of her Christmas trees are now up and dazzling. A 15-foot Evergreen towers in front of the window of the Crimson Drawing Room, lined with large red and gold baubles. Soaring over staff members from the Royal Collection Trust, who spent over 13 hours finishing the decorations, the magnificent tree reaches nearly to the top of the gold-lined room, spanning as high as the chandelier.

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Image Credit: Alastair Grant/AP/Shutterstock Geoff Pugh/Shutterstock

Her Majesty, who reportedly plans to retire next year, did not stop there as a second tree also stands in St. George’s Hall at the Berkshire residence. Shockingly, this tree is even taller than the first, reaching heights of 20-feet. Sourced from the Windsor Great Park, the Nordmann fir features similar gold and red ornaments along with variations of bows and other decorations.

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A striking 20ft Nordmann Fir tree from Windsor Great Park. Image Credit: Geoff Pugh/Shutterstock Geoff Pugh/Shutterstock

Adding to the holiday flare, the Queen has also lined the State Dining Room with extravagant silver-gilt pieces. The lavish trinkets come from the Grand Service, which is commissioned by George IV and still used today by Lilibet and her guests at state banquets.

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The State Dining Room laid with silver-gilt pieces from the Grand Service used by Queen Victoria and still used today by The Queen during State Banquets. Image Credit: Geoff Pugh/Shutterstock Geoff Pugh/Shutterstock
Luckily for members of the public, the marvelous sights can be seen in person as Windsor Castle is open to visitors daily, now until January. With all the glitz and glam now up and turning heads throughout the castle, it’s sure to be a holly jolly Christmas for the Queen and her family who will surely have no shortage of gifts perched underneath the two ginormous trees at grandma’s house this year.

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