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Jada Pinkett Smith Says She & Daughter Willow Check Will Smith Over ‘Insensitive Comments’

He might seem like the perfect guy, but Will Smith occasionally makes “very insensitive comments” to daughter Willow Smith — and both Willow and Jada Pinkett Smith take him to task for it. During Monday’s episode of Red Table Talk, Pinkett Smith admitted her husband sometimes missteps when talking about women’s bodies. And while Willow sat this particular episode out, her mom revealed that the 19-year-old isn’t afraid to correct her famous dad when he needs it.

The episode was bound to be charged, as Pinkett Smith hosted rapper T.I. and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris. In case you missed it, T.I. recently faced the ire of the internet when he bragged about accompanying his teenage daughter to her annual gynecologist appointments to keep tabs on her virginity. To say the behavior T.I. described is problematic doesn’t seem adequate — which is why Pinkett Smith gave him the opportunity to address his controversial remarks.

Through that conversation, Pinkett Smith pointed out that, while she doesn’t agree with T.I.’s behavior, she can relate to it since her husband has suffered from similar errors in judgment. “I understood that because I’m in this house with Will and he be saying the craziest stuff. He don’t understand the level,” she said, adding, “And thank God he has me and he’s got Willow… we educate that joker before he leaves this house.”

According to Pinkett Smith, her husband has a habit of getting carried away. He “likes to tell stories and sometimes goes too far.” When it comes to Willow, though, he at times thinks he’s being funnier than he is — and the teen lets him know it. “Willow has gone at her dad several times for very insensitive comments, whether it’s around menstruation or, you know, ‘You must be PMS-ing,’ and she’s like, ‘That right there, we not gon’ do that.'”

In typical Pinkett Smith fashion, the talk show host tackles those issues head-on (both professionally and personally). As she explained during Monday’s episode, there’s an ongoing conversation in their household. “There’s certain things about raising a man that I can’t know,” Jada said. “I would tell [Will], ‘Love your daughter, let me teach her,’ because there’s certain sensitivities that you might not understand and have just because of your relationship in the world is different than a woman’s relationship.”

She concluded, “Every day, it’s a work in progress.”

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