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‘Baby Spice’ Emma Bunton Reveals the Spice Girls Are Planning New Music for 2020

We’ll tell you what we want, what we really really want — more lyrical empowerment, and we might just get it sooner than we thought. In a promising new interview with MailOnline, “Baby Spice” Emma Bunton revealed new music for the Spice Girls could be on the way. So, if you didn’t spice up your life enough during this year’s epic reunion tour, get ready. There’s more to come from our favorite U.K. girl-power group yet.

Speaking to MailOnline, Bunton teased that the near future for the iconic girl group looks bright. “Stuff is bubbling under,” she coyly shared, admitting that she and bandmates Mel B (aka Scary Spice), Mel C (aka Sporty Spice) and Geri Horner (aka Ginger Spice) are currently working on aligning their schedules. “We are all mothers. We know it’s important to be with our children. And we are four different personalities,” she said, playfully adding, “I’d like to kick some of the girls up the bun though, to get things moving.”

While Bunton didn’t outright say what the girls have planned for 2020, she did specifically reference the possibility of expanding their body of work. “We have talked about new music. I wish I could say more,” she admitted. “We are looking at co-writers. We are looking to do this animation project next year.”

In the meantime, the lines of communication between the women are wide open. “I talk to the girls all the time; we’re letting it bubble away,” she said. Bunton also touched on the absence of the fifth and final original Spice Girl Victoria Beckham. And don’t worry fandom; it’s all good.

“We all just love Victoria to bits. But doing this show without her helped us to feel confident as a four-piece. It was an amazing experience and we would never ever force Victoria to come back. We feel settled — so if we stay as a four, we feel comfortable performing. We love performing together,” said Bunton, pointing out that when Beckham couldn’t attend their London tour dates this year, she sent them “the biggest bunch of flowers.”

For her part, Beckham also insists there is a special place in her heart for her former bandmates. While appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show recently, she addressed not participating in the comeback tour. “You know, for me, I loved it when I did it. But I feel like a very different person now. I’ve got four children, and I’m really busy doing what I’m doing,” she said, referring to her fashion career. “And it just didn’t feel like the right thing to do. Though I was supporting them enormously and was so proud of them.”

Besides, Beckham promises she’ll “always be Posh Spice… always.”

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